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A Good High Priest Is come

A Good High Priest Is come

John Cennick

Verse 1
A good high Priest Is come
Supplying Aarons place
And taking up his room
Dispensing life and grace
The law of Aarons priesthood came
But grave and truth by Jesus name


Verse 2
He once temptation knew
And word of every kind
That he might succour show
To every tempted mind
I’m every point the lamb was tried
Like us and then for us he died


Verse 3
He died, But lives again
And by the altar stands
There shows how he was slain
Opening his pierced hands
Our priest abides and plead our cause
Transgressors Of his righteous laws


Verse 4
I other priest disclaim
Their laws and offering too
None but the bleeding lamb
The mighty work can do
He shall have all the praise for he
Hath loved and lived and died for me


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