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After The Storm

After The Storm

Williams, Doug

After The Storm
(written by Doug Williams)
(recorded by Doug Williams & Yolanda Adams)


After the storm has come and gone,
after the wind has already blown,
after the clouds have cleared the sky,
God’s going to wipe these tears from my eyes
after the storm.

Verse 1
There have been days when I hurt so bad,
the load on my shoulder seems
much more than I could stand;
And there have been times when the pain inside
was so severe, I just sit alone and cry.
Then a voice spoke to me,
it was ever so gently saying,
‘you’re going to make it through
the storm hovering over you’.



Verse 2
These heartaches I feel are just temporary,
the storm is passing over,
I see the sun breaking through the clouds.
There’s a new day coming and it won’t be long,
there’ll be a rainbow in the sky,
I’ll have a brand new song,
I’ll shout my troubles over
and rejoice in victory,
I’m going to sail on peaceful shore,
there’ll be a brighter day for me.

I’ve got to keep my head up high,
no matter how hard it seems;
I’ve gotta keep on pressin’ my way,
though the road’s been rough for me.
Said I will not, I shall not,
I just can’t give up the race,
God is on my side.

It’s gonna be alright,
the storm has come and gone.


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