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All About You

All About You Lyrics

By Smokie Norful

So many days, in so many ways
I took for granted, all You had planted in my life
For me to enjoy, since I was a little bitty boy.
Now my eyes are open so I can see
All You’ve done for me
You’ve made my life complete.
Oh what joy tome you bring.
So forever I lift my voice and sing.

It’s all about You.
I’m so glad that I have found
The one who turned my life around
Made my world a better place to live
It’s all about You
I’m so glad You came this way
Made my darkness turn to day
Now it’s for You I will live.
Whenever I think how good You’ve been
In spite of the sins or all the wrong I’ve done
I can’t help but cry and ask Lord why
You show me love unconditionally in spite of
Now I’m taking this stand
Holding up my right hand
And for all of my days
I’ll give Your name the praise
Oh, what joy to me You bring
And forever I lift my voice and sing

I live, for You, I breathe, for You
Have my being, for You, all I do is for You
I sing, for You, on my job, for You
In the mall, for You, all I do is for You
I sing, for You, do my dance, for You
Lift my hands, for You, all I do is for You
Even in my darkest hour
You are there to give me power
I’m so glad I found me some You.



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