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All You’re Missing Is A Heartache

All You’re Missing Is A Heartache

By Michael W. Smith

It’s over the line – a shadow of doubt
From outside looking at the “In Crowd”
(Tempting voices are calling you)
They look mighty fine – a sight to behold
But all that glitters is not gold
(Still those voices are calling you)

All your missin’ is a heartache
A disillusion for a keepsake
A life of living with your own mistake
All you’re missin’ in a heartache

The water is high – you’re out on a limb
Well, if you take the fall then it’s “sink or swim”
(Clouds of reason will follow you)
You’re kissing the dark
You’re courting your pride
You wonder is it greater on the other side
(But they have nothing to offer you)



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