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Can you feel the silent cries
Over solemn need
Underneath the city lights
They’re altars in the street
Through the walls I hear the sound
Of a beggar’s plea
Looking for salvation from
The altars in the street

And it’s so sad
People drifted away on a concrete sea
It’s too bad
Faded lives

Burn, won’t you burn in me
Eternal flame won’t you light my name
Burn in me
If God is grace then bless the child
Who’s left alone tonight, Set him free, Free to fly

Cause it’s so sad
People wasted away in such a subtle display
It’s too bad
Sacred lives


If I stayed close to
Everything you once held onto
And I know, yeah I know
Sometimes you hurt


Burn, won’t you burn in me
You’re my eternal flame why don’t you light my name
Burn, burn, burn

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Words by Michael Tait, Pete Stewart, Toby McKeehan, Mario Santana & Randy Crawford Music by Mario Santana, Michael Tait & Pete Stewart �2001 Out Of Twisted Roots Music (BMI)/ CEC Animal Music (BMI) Administered by EMI CMP/Meaux Mercy (BMI) Administered by Meaux Music


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