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Another Day With You

Another Day With You


Michael Boggs


This is just a little country love song. It’s about random little moments you spend with someone and
You realize it’s something special. I happen to be single, but this is an honest song about what you go through in life when you meet someone special. It’s a different kind of song for us, but it’s a really good thing. –Michael

I look at you and my knees grow weak
I can’t think and I can’t speak
I wonder how you got to me
Just another day with you

You hold my hand and my face turns red
All the blood rushed to my head
I’d like to say that it’s hot instead
It’s just another day with you

Baby, it could never be commonplace
To put my arms around you and be swept away ’cause

You are
Beautiful under this
Wonderful amazing sky
That I’m sure the Lord made just for you
And you are
Everything that I could
Ever dream about
And I thank God
For just another day with you

Maybe it’s the way you smell
A dream come true from a wishing well
A million things so I can’t tell
Just another day with you

It might be the clothes you wear
Or the way you toss back that blond hair
It seems like this is so unfair
Just another day with you


It might sound crazy but my heart still skips a beat
Whenever you are sitting next to me
So come a little closer and I will tell you
Who you are


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