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Another Year

Another Year

S. J. Stone

Verse 1
Another year is dawning a path unknown untried
‘Twould fill me with force boding, had I no hand to guide
But He who walked beside me all through the yesterday
Whatever may betide me has promised to be near


Verse 2
Another year with Jesus
Ah, then, no dread I know
His love is ever precious
However the winds may blow
Even when the storm is fiercest
In him my soul may rest
And find sweet peace and comfort

Verse 3
Another year to trust him
Yes, I can trust him still
Who never yet has failed me
As I have sought his will
His rod and staff he giveth
To be my strength and stay
And tenderly he leadeth
Along the homeward way.


Verse 4
Another year to serve him
To labour for him here
Even while the shadows lengthen
And night is draweth near
I know not when he’ll call me
To lay my sickle by
Oh, may I then be faithful
While now the moment fly

Verse 5
Another year to love him
Whom I have loved so long
Another year to praise him
In glad triumphant song
Whatever the future holdeth
Of sorrow, toil, or pain
His precious love endureth
Forevermore the same


Verse 6
Another year with Jesus
I thank thee, lord, today
For Thy unfailing presence
Along life’s rugged way
Guide me, O blest Redeemer
Teach me to do thy will
And thy own perfect purpose
In me each day fulfil.


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