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aste and See

aste and See

Israel & New Breed


Taste and see that the LORD is good
You�ve tried everything that you thought you could
Taste and see that His love is real
Open up right now and let your heart be filled
Peace overflowing, joy everlasting
Love so amazing taste
Life so exciting, Hope so inviting
All who are crying to be free
Taste and see, Taste and see
Taste and see.


Taste and see that His Word is true
You�ve been hurt before but He won�t lie to you
Taste and see never thirst again
Every broken heart Jesus Christ will mend

You�ll never know �til you try
You�ll never live �till you die to yourself
And find for yourself that He�s good
You�ll never see with your eyes
Until your heart realizes that He is all that you need
Taste and See


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