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Aurora (Breath Of God Mix)

Aurora (Breath Of God Mix)

Echoing Green


What’s in your sight?
Is it light, or the darkest night
Swirling around your head?
Are you dead?, ’cause your skin’s so white
And I remember the words you said to me
You said that
“Life can’t always be what you want it to be”
So you see…the accidental tears
In your empty tragedy

Let it be and take this key from me
And rediscover the One who set this fire in me

This is not the day
For you to throw it all away
The life you’ve got is like the breath of God
It’s such a lovely thing to face

Tell me is it true
That you had been there too?
I’ve seen it all before
And the door, that your life went through
Is in pieces on the floor, and you find
That the careless life has left
Your dreams all behind
And it’s time to turn your life back to
The forgiving love so kind…


Well it’s not the Son that you run from
So confront the one who put the loneliness in your heart
The Art, the missing part is your second start
So let the Son rise in your ear


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