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Because of You

Because of You

Sacrifice of Praise

I’m amazed that You are always seeking me.
I’m astonished I am present in Your dreams,
Holy God, noble King,
I am humbled by a love that runs so deep
And the vows You pledge to keep.


I am overwhelmed You left Your Father’s throne
To be cast aside, abandoned and alone
Son of God, Sovereign Lord,
I am stunned You paid for my life with Your own
Gave me hope I’d never known.

For my weaknesses and failures
And the sins that would condemn me
Have been cancelled by Your blood and washed away.


I’m forgiven I am free.
I have everything I need.
I am capable and ready for the call You’ve given me.
I am treasured, I am loved.
I’m accepted, I belong.
I am beautiful and useful in the Kingdom of God
Because of You, my Jesus
All, because of You.


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