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Bless His Name

Bless His Name

Hammond, Fred

(Chorus) I will bless His holy name
Everything in me will do the same
All that’s inside this dusty frame
Will bless His name


(1st verse) I wll bless His holy name
Whether in good times, sorrow, sunshine or in rain
All that’s within me will find good reason
To bless His name yeah
Let it be You that I remember
Lord to Your wisdom and Your mercy
I have surrendered
Lord my heart holds to this one refrain
I’ll bless Your holy name

(Channel) For He’s crowned me with love
And His mercy – And with all
All good things – He satisfies me
So you’ll hear me say (Chorus)


(2nd verse) Let every instrument
And every voice – Forsake his own way
And make a choice
That when it seems that Your heart would faint
You’ll bless His name – Bless His name Channel)
(Chorus 2x)


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