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Blessed Are The Pure In Heart

Blessed Are The Pure In Heart


Verse 1
Blessed are the pure in heart, they have learned the angel art
While on earth in heaven to be, God, by sense unseen, to see
Cleansed from sin’s offensive stain,
Fellowship with him they gain
Nearness likeness to their lord
Their exceeding great reward.


Verse 2
Worshipping in sprit now
In his inner court they bow
Bow before the brightening veil
God’s own radiance through it hail
Serious, simple of intent
Teachably intelligent
Rapt, they search the written word
Till his very voice is heard.


Verse 3
In creation him they own
Meet him in its haunts, alone
Most amidst it’s sabbath calm
Morning light and evening balm
Him they still through busier life
Trust in pain, and care,and strife
These, like clouds, over noontide blaze
Temper, not conceal, his Rays


Verse 4
Hallowed thus their every breath
Dying, they shall not see death
With the lord in paradise
Till, like His their bodies rise
Nearer than seraphim
In their flesh shall saints see him
With the father, in the son
Through the spirit, ever one.


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