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Brazil National Anthem

Brazil National flagBrazil National Anthem
Brazilian National Anthem (Hino Nacional Brasileiro)

The placid banks of Ipiranga heard
the resounding cry of a heroic people
and in shining rays, the sun of liberty
shone in our homeland’s skies at this very moment.

If the assurance of this equality
we achieved by our mighty arms,
in thy bosom, O freedom,
our chest shall defy death itself!

O beloved,
idolized homeland,
Hail, hail!

Brazil, an intense dream, a vivid ray
of love and hope descends to earth
if in thy lovely, smiling and clear skies
the image of the (Southern) Cross shines resplendently.

Giant by thine own nature,
thou art beautiful, strong and intrepid colossus,
and thy future mirrors thy greatness.

Beloved Land
amongst a thousand others
art thou, Brazil,
O beloved homeland!

To the sons of this land
thou art a gentle mother,
beloved homeland, Brazil!

Eternally laid on a splendid cradle,
by the sound of the sea and the light of the deep sky,
thou shinest, O Brazil, garland of America,
illuminated by the sun of the New World!

Than the most elegant land abroad,
thy smiling, pretty prairies have more flowers
“Our meadows have more life”,
“our life” in thy bosom “more love”.

O beloved,
idolized homeland,
Hail, hail!

Brazil, of eternal love be the symbol
the star-spangled banner thou showest forth
and proclaim the laurel-green of thy pennant
‘Peace in the future and glory in the past.’

But if raises from Justice the strong gavel,
thou wilt see that a son of thine flees not from battle,
nor does he who loves thee fear death itself.

Beloved Land,
amongst a thousand others
art thou, Brazil,
O beloved homeland!

To the sons of this land
thou art a gentle mother,
beloved homeland,

Flag History

The green field and and yellow lozenge were part of the flag adopted in 1822 when independence was first achieved. In 1889, the imperial arms were replaced by a view of the night sky as it appeared over Rio de Janeiro. Each of the stars in the constellation represents a state of the union. Through the image of the sky, the national motto is printed in a band meaning “Order and Progress”. The yellow diamond in the flag represents the nation’s mineral resources and the green field stands for the Brazilian rain forests.
Geographic Coordinates 10 00 S, 55 00 W
Currency Brazilian cruzeiro (BRB)
Calling Code +55

President:Michel Miguel Elias Temer Lulia
President of the Chamber of Deputies:Rodrigo Felinto Ibarra Epitácio Maia
Capital city:Brasilia
Languages:Portuguese (official and most widely spoken language) note: less common languages include Spanish (border areas and schools), German, Italian, Japanese, English, and a large number of minor Amerindian languages
National statistics office
Population:207,652,865 (2016)
Area:8,358,140 (2016)
GDP per capita:8,650 (2016)
GDP, billion current US$:1,796.2 (2016)
GINI index:51.48 (2014)
Ease of Doing Business rank:123 (2016)

GDP based on PPP 3,219.13 billion international dollars IMF
Real GDP growth 0.7 % IMF
GDP per capita 10,020 US dollars IMF
GDP per capita based on PPP 15,500 international dollars IMF
Inflation rate 3.7 % IMF
Unemployment rate 13.1 % IMF
Current account balance -29 billion US dollars IMF
Current account balance as a share of GDP -1.4 % IMF
Government gross debt as a share of GDP 83.4 % IMF
Poverty rate 4.3 % WB



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