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Hezekiah Walker



I told somebody I was looking for a miracle and then they go
And try to conjure up a resolution for my hang-ups
But it cannot be done
I told them what I neede was a supernatural act from God
Then they looked at me like I was so crazy
Like it was too hard

I’ve learned to lean not unto man
Because I know that he cannot
Take the pain away or make rain dissipate
Or wash my tears away

I want to pray like they did in the upper room
I will nto leave because I need to hear from you God
And my mission won’t stop
I’m standing in the need of a breakthrough
I want to walk in Your will and
be favored
No matter how long I must put in my labor God
And my mission won’t stop
I’m standing in the need of a breakthrough.

Verse Two

I told somebody I was sick in my body and they they read
Me a list of all the doctors in this pamphlet but not if they’re human
What I have it doesn’t require a vaccine or anything
What I need is the healing virtue of the Father not a doctor


Some people try to help me out others try to pull me through
But they cannot figure out what they can’t get it right
Sorry but it’s not your fault- I’m in need of a breakthrough
Everybody’s praying for me putting in petitions for me
Trying to keep the faith as wait for a breakthrough
Wrestle with the angels until we get a breakthrough




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