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Brunei National Anthem

Brunei National Anthem
Allah Bless the Sultan (Allah Peliharakan Sultan)


God Bless His Majesty
With A Long Life
(May he) Rule the Realm Justly and in Majesty
And Lead Our People (into) Eternal Happiness
(May) The Kingdom and Sultan Live in Peace
Lord, Save Brunei, The Abode of Peace

Flag History

A similar version of this flag, without the coat of arms, was first used in 1906. The Bruneian flag’s main color, yellow, is associated with the Sultan, while the black and white stripes that cut across it are the colors of the Brunei’s two chief ministers. The coat of arms in the center was added in 1959 when the flag was adopted.
Geographic Coordinates 4 30 N, 114 40 E

Currency Brunei dollar (BND)
Calling Code +673

Sultan:Hassanal Bolkiah, Sir
Crown Prince:Al-Muhtadee Billah
Capital city:Bandar Seri Begawan
Languages:Malay 65.7%, Chinese 10.3%, other indigenous 3.4%, other 20.6% (2011 est.)
National statistics office
Population:423,196 (2016)
Area:5,270 (2016)
GDP per capita:26,939 (2016)
GDP, billion current US$:11.4 (2016)
GINI index:No data
Ease of Doing Business rank:72 (2016)

GDP 11.96 billion US dollars IMF
GDP based on PPP 32.91 billion international dollars IMF
Real GDP growth -1.3 % IMF
GDP per capita based on PPP 76,743 international dollars IMF
Inflation rate -0.2 % IMF
Unemployment rate 6.9 % IMF
Current account balance 0.6 billion US dollars IMF
Current account balance as a share of GDP 4.8 % IMF
Government gross debt as a share of GDP 2.8 % IMF


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