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Burn Fire of God

Burn Fire of God

L. F. Woodford

Verse 1
burn, fire of God! my ransomed soul possessing
Pure fire thou art, and I would dwell in thee
Light of my life,true source of every blessing
Grant all my days one holy flame to be.


Verse 2
Burn fire of God! thy grave and glory knowing
my cleansed heart shall be all fire within
Lobe all constraining, tenderness overflowing
One kindling passion other lives to win.

Verse 3
Burn, fire of God! thy cloven tongue bestowing
Baptizing with heavenly energy
Touched with lobe coals from off thine altar glowing
My purged lips shall speak alone of thee


Verse 4
Burn, fire of God with seven-fold refining
Till mirrored from deeps thine eyes shall see
In purest gold thy perfect image shining
Thy Christ revealed on clear irradiancy


Verse 5
Burn, fire of God! by thine own lobe transcending
Let all I hold be thine, thine alone
Heart, mind and will, a sacrifice ascending
Consumed by fir from out thy fiery throne.


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