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Burundi National Anthem

Burundi National Anthem

Original French Words

Cher Burundi, ô doux pays,

Prends place dans le concert des nations.

En tout bien, tout honneur, accédé à l’indépendance.

Mutilé et meutri, tu es demeuré maître de toi-même.

L’heure venue, t’es levé

Et fièrement tu t’es hissé au rang des peuples libres.

Reçois donc le compliment des nations,

Agrée l’hommage de tes enfants.

Qu’à travers l’univers retentisse ton nom.

Cher Burundi, héritage sacré de nos aïeux,

Reconnu digne de te gouverner

Au courage tu allies le sentiment de l’honneur.

Chante la gloire de ta liberté reconquise.

Cher Burundi, digne objet de notre plus tendre armour,

A ton noble service nous vouons nos bras, nos cœurs et nos vies.

Veuille Dieu, qui nous a fait don de toi, te conserver à notre vénération.

Sous l’egide de l’Unité,

Dans la paix, la joie et la prospérité.


English Translation

Beloved Burundi, gentle country,

Take your place in the concert of nations,

Acceding to independence with honourable intentions.

Wounded and bruised, you have remained master of yourself.

When the hour came, you arose,

Lifting yourself proudly into the ranks of free peoples.

Receive, then, the congratulations of the nations

And the homage of your sons.

May your name ring out through the universe.

Beloved Burundi, sacred heritage from our forefathers,

Recognized as worthy of self-government,

With your courage you also have a sense of honour.

Sing the glory of liberty conquered again.

Beloved Burundi, worthy of our tenderest love,

We vow to your noble service our hands and hearts and lives.

May God, who gave you to us, keep you for us to venerate,

Under the shield of unity,

In peace, joy and prosperity.

Flag History

Like Rwanda, Burundi was a German, then a Belgium territory. It achieved independence as a kingdom in 1962 and became a republic in 1966. In 1967, the new flag was adopted. Green represents hope, white signifies peace, and red is the symbol of blood shed during the fight for independence. The three stars represent the three ethnic groups, the Tutsi, Hutu, and Twa.
Geographic Coordinates:3 30 S, 30 00 E
Currency Burundian franc (BIF)
Calling Code +257

President:Pierre Nkurunziza
First Vice President:Gaston Sindimwo
Capital city:Bujumbura
Languages:Kirundi 29.7% (official), Kirundi and other language 9.1%, French (official) and French and other language 0.3%, Swahili and Swahili and other language 0.2% (along Lake Tanganyika and in the Bujumbura area), English and English and other language 0.06%, more than 2 languages 3.7%, unspecified 56.9% (2008 est.)
National statistics office
Population:10,524,117 (2016)
Area:25,680 (2016)
GDP per capita:286 (2016)
GDP, billion current US$:3.0 (2016)
GINI index:33.36 (2006)
Ease of Doing Business rank:157 (2016)

GDP based on PPP 7.99 billion international dollars IMF
Real GDP growth 0 % IMF
GDP per capita 343 US dollars IMF
GDP per capita based on PPP 808 international dollars IMF
Inflation rate 18 % IMF
Current account balance -0.4 billion US dollars IMF
Current account balance as a share of GDP -12.4 % IMF
Government gross debt as a share of GDP 58.8 % IMF
Poverty rate 73.7 % WB


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