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Called Unto Holiness

Called Unto Holiness

Mrs C. H. Morris

Verse 1
“Called Unto Holiness” Church of our God,
Purchased of Jesus, redeemed by his blood
Called from world and it’s idols to flee
Called from bondage of sin to be free


“Holiness unto the lord” is our watch word and song
“Holiness unto the lord” as we’re marching a long sing it
Shout it loud and long “Holiness unto the lord”
Now and forever “Holiness unto the lord”

Verse 2
“Called unto holiness,” children of light
Walking with Jesus in garments of white
Raiment unsullied, nor tarnished with sin
God’s holy spirit abiding within.


Verse 3
“Called unto holiness,” praise his dear name
This blessed secret to faith now made plain
Not our own righteousness, but Christ within
Living and reigning and saving from sin

Verse 4
“Called UpTo holiness,” Glorious thought
Up from the wilderness wandering brought
Out from the shadows and darkness of night
Into the canaan of perfect delight


Verse 5
“Called unto holiness,” Bride of the lamb
Waiting the bridge room returning again
lift up your heads for the day draweth near
When in his beauty the king shall appear


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