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Christ Receiveth Sinful Men lyrics

Christ Receiveth Sinful Men


Verse 1
Sinners Jesus will receive
Sound this word of grace to all
Who the heavenly pathway leaves,
All who linger all who fall


Sing over again 4x
Christ receiveth sinful men 2x
Make the message clear and plain (make the message plain)
Make the message plain
Christ receiveth sinful men

Verse 2
Come, and he will give you rest
Trust him, for his word is plain
He will take the sinfulest;
Christ receiveth sinful men

Verse 3
Now my heart condemns me not
Pure before the law I stand
He who cleansed me from all spot
Satisfied its last demand

Verse 4
Christ receiveth sinful men
Even me with mine sin
Purged from every spot and stain
Heaven with him I enter in.





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