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Come Believing

Come Believing


Verse 1
Once a gain the gospel message
From the savior You have Will you heed the invitation?
Will you turn and sell the head(lord)


Come believing! 2×
Come to Jesus look and live!
Come believing 2×
Come to Jesus look and live!

Many summers you have wasted
Ripen’d harvest you have seen
Winter snows by spring have melted
Yet you linger in your sin


Verse 3
Jesus for your choice is waiting
Tarry not at once decide!
While the spirit now is striving
Yield, and seek the savior’s side.

Verse 4
Cease of fitness to be thinking
Do not longer try to feel
It is trusting and not feeling
That will give the spirit’s seal


Verse 5
Let your will to God be given
Trust in Christ’s atoning blood
Look to Jesus now in heaven
Rest on his unchanging Word.


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