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Come, Holy Ghost, All Quickening fire

Come, Holy Ghost, All Quickening fire


Verse 1
Come holy Ghost all Quickening fire
Come, and my hallowed heart inspire
Sprinkled with the atoning blood
Now to my soul thyself reveal
Thy mighty working let me Feel
And know that I am born of God


Verse 2
Humble, and teachable And mild
O may i as a little child
My lowly master’s steps pursue
Be anger to my soul unknown
Hate, envy, jealousy, be gone
In love create thou all things new.


Verse 3
Let earth no more my heart divide
With Christ may I be crucified
To thee with my soul aspire
Dead to the world and all it’s toys
It’s idle pomp, and fading joys
Be thou alone my one desire


Verse 4
My will be swallowed up in thee
Light in thy light still may I see
Beholding thee with open face
Called the fill power of faith to prove
Let all my hallowed heart be love
And all my spotless life be praise


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