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Do something for others lyrics

Do something for others

C. H. G


Verse 1
Many a soul in the battle of life
Trembles with fear at the din and the strife
Bearing alone a mid trial and care
Burdens and sorrows God bids you to share


Do something for others 2x (something for others)
Do something for others today
Duty demands it and Jesus commands it
Do something for others today

Verse 2
Many in doubt or in fear of the way
Mutely appeal for you guidance today
On your demeanor the choice may depend
Are you concerned for the stranger or friend?


Verse 3many disheartened by cruel deceit
Broken and worn by the pangs of defeat
Doubting despairingly helplessly stand
Waiting perhaps for your strengthening hand

Verse 4
Many are turning away from the right
Into the maze of the shadows of night
Go to them speak to them over them pray
Help them support them do something today



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