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Dominican Republic National Anthem

Dominican Republic National Anthem
Valiant Quisqueyans (Quisqueyanos valientes)

Valiant Quisqueyans, let us raise
Our song with vivid emotion
And let’s show to the face of the world
Our undefeated, glorious flag.

Hail, the people who strong and intrepid,
Into war launched itself unto death!
When in warfare challenge of death,
Her slavery chains she broke.

None people deserves to be free
If he is slave, indolent and servile;
If in his heart the flame is not burning,
Which was sparked by heroic manliness.

But Quisqueya, the indomitable and brave,
Her head will always lift up high,
For if she were enslaved a thousand times,
Many more times shall she know how to be free.

If it will be exposed to ruse and deceit
Unto contempt of a real imposer,
On to Las Carreras! Beler! …it were places
Where the traces of glory are found.

Where on the top of the heroic bastion,
The word of the libarated became flesh,
Where the genius of Sanchez and Duarte
Taught to be free or to die.

And if an unattended leader the splendor
Of these glorious events could ignore,
One has seen in Capotillo in the war
The flag of fire wave.

And the fire that lets the proud lion
Of Castilla become stupefied,
Removes him from the glorious beaches
Where the crossed banner waves.

Compatriots, let us proudly
Show our face, from today prouder than ever;
Quisqueya may be destroyed
But a slave again, never!

It is a sanctuary of love that every character
Of the fatherland feels alive!
And it is his coat of arms, the right;
And it is his device: be free or die.

Freedom that still rises cool-bloodedly
The victory in her triumphal car.
And the clarion of war re-echoes
Proclaiming his immortal glory.

Freedom! That the echo’s touch
While they’re full of noble tension
Our fields of glory repeat
Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!

Flag History

The Dominican Republic flag was designed by the leader of the Trinitarians
who altered the layout of the blue and red of the Haitian flag, placing a
white large cross over it to symbolize faith. To create distinct flags for
state and civil use, the coat of arms was placed on the state flag. The civil
flag, on both land and sea does not carry the arms. The arms depicts a Bible
open at the first chapter of St. John’s Gospel.

Geographic Coordinates:
19 00 N, 70 40 W
48,670 sq km
Life Expectancy:
73.99 years
Government Type:
Democratic republic
Santo Domingo
$80.53 billion (2009 est.)
15% (2009 est.)
Peso (DOP)
Calling Code:
+1 809, +1 829, and +1 849
Internet TLD:



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