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Down Set Go

Down Set Go

I had the whole world in my hands
But I gave it away (2x)

I’m a half-wit boy
Cracking a smile and wearing it all on my sleeve
So cool, so poised
Its true I’m just around to see
Where this thing goes I’ll never know
But all I know is packing bags is a remedy


This time I’ll be nervous
Cause I can’t see your hands in front of me tonight
Lets forget all pretense of what they thought we should be
What liars we can be

I’m on my way to the top of the world
And I’ve got a feeling I’ll give it away (2x)

She’s a maverick she’s so smooth
If things go according to plan
I’ll have her finished by five a.m.
There’s no changing plans
There’s no second chance
I’ve already got both feet through the door
And I can taste the air

Make a sound it’s safe for you
To choke in here alone

Whatever I say goes(4x)
You’re not here with me(8x)


Written by Underoath � 2004 814 Stops Today (ASCAP)/Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP)


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