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Drive Another Nail

Drive Another Nail

Randy Travis

Sam was a carpenter 50 years
He pounded out blood, sweat and tears
One day he hung his hammer up
He wanted to do the things he loved
What once was sunday fishin’ now was 7 days a week
He told his wife “to find me, I’ll be down at the creek”


I don’t want to drive another nail
I’ve worked hard to do my job and I did it well
I’ve got the scars on these two hands to show I haven’t failed
But I dont’ want to drive another nail

Now she was a woman full of faith and old sam was full of pride
And she knew he had one more job to do before he died

Easter sunday rolled around
In a country church for the lost and found
Oh, sam was there against his will
As the preacher spoke on calvary’s hill
Of how they took the master and they nailed him to a tree
You could hear old sam a cryin’ as he fell down on his knees


I don’t wanna drive another nail
I want to live my life for you
I want to do it well
You’ve got the scars on your two hands
That show where I have failed
Lord, I don’t want to drive another nail


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