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Everybody Got A Story

Everybody Got A Story

David And The Giants


There’s a lady down in New Orleans
Walking the streets trying to make the scene
She’s a runaway
Everybody got a story to tell

Mr. President you’re just a man
You’ve got your problems and I understand
You’ve got your cross to bear
Everybody got a story to tell

Across the tracks in a three room shack
There’s a daddy lying on his back
He’s drunk again
Baby’s crying ain’t got no milk to drink

Everybody got a story to tell
Everybody got a song to sing
And if you listen real close
You’ll know what I mean
‘Cause you’ve got a story to tell

Down on 6th Street where the young folks hang out
There’s a preacher trying to tell them what it’s about
But they just laugh it off
While the preacher man cries


Susie Jane left school today
Told her family that a baby is on the way
But everything is gonna be alright
The doctor will take care of it all

(Repeat Chorus)

Like a ship that was lost at sea
That was my like but Jesus rescued me
Now I know the way
And I got a story to tell

Now you may feel like a castaway
But this Jesus can change your night to day
Won’t you let Him do it now
You’re gonna have a story to tell

(Repeat Chorus)



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