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Falling On Me Now

Falling On Me Now

Williamson, Kara

In this moment
There’s nothing else that I would rather do
Than be with You
Than be with You to worship You


My spirit soars
This happiness is all because of You
Because of you I worship You

I can feel Your presence all around me
I can sing with angels right here from the ground
I see the blessings of heaven
Falling on me now

I can feel Your smiling face upon me
I can feel Your holiness around me
And I know that it’s Your glory
Falling on me now

I surrender
I just want to fall into Your arms
And give you praise
Lord I want to give You praise
Lord hear my heart
‘Cuz I want You to know it when I say
It’s because of You
I worship You


All my life
I want to be near You



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