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Few Days

Few Days Lyrics

Panam Percy Paul –

Few years turning into few months
In just few days Jesus will come
No more crying we shall be rejoicing
In just few days we will go home.

Millions of people criticize us
Because of Jesus, Jesus that we preach
These same people want to excise
With burning conscience hating what we teach
But I don’t worry and I don’t fret
Because soon they will look for me
But then truly I’ll be gone
Soon so soon my Jesus is coming
And in the twinkling of an eye we all
His children will be gone.

– Few years

If this world is our only hope
We of all people are the most miserable
But I’ve got a home prepared for me on high
With streets of gold and the gates of pearls.
Je–sus is coming with His reward in His hands
To give to every and everyone
Well I’m so eagerly but then patiently waiting to see the day that the sky will burst open
And my Jesus will come descending
And we will fly and fly and meet him right there.

– Few years



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