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Vanessa Bell-Armstrong

(written by M. Bell-Byars, V. Caldwell, C. Caldwell, & A. Winans)
(recorded by Vanessa Bell-Armstrong)


Verse 1
Struggles we face each day
Sometimes we lose our way
Each moment that passes by
Longing for reasons why
The problem that seems so great
Defeat is the final phase
Not knowing what else to do
But I know He�ll bring me through

I know that I�m free
Don�t you know I�m free
Yes I�m free, free
He loosed the ties that were binding me
That were binding me
I�m free
Don�t you know I�m free
Look at me,
Oh free, Oh free
I�m free indeed
Don�t you know I�m

Verse 2
Now I want you to know
Since fear has been let go
No one can hinder me
Here�s how the story goes
The peace that I have inside
The joy that I can�t describe
This feeling of ecstasy
The love that has raptured me


Feels like I�m floating on (ooh, ahh) clouds above
Soaring so high with the One I love
Flying around up on (ooh, ahh) wings of air
And it�s all because of Your
Tender love and care

Free, free, free
I�m free indeed
Free, free
You can�t hold me

Love, love, love
I�m free indeed
Love, love
You can�t hold me

Peace, peace, peace
I�m free indeed
Peace, peace
You can�t hold me


Joy, joy, joy
I�m free indeed
Joy, joy, joy, joy
You can�t hold me

Don�t you know I�m free



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