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Give Me A Double Portion

Give Me A Double Portion

Rev. Bobby Burnett

Verse 1
Long ago in days of old, Stood a man of God we’re told
As he talked to Elijah that day
His request he did repeat
Standing at Elijah feet,
“A double portion” I can hear him say


Give me lord, A Double portion,
pour thy spirit on me
Thru eyes of faith thy wondrous work I can see
But I need thy helping handy
In this troubled, sinful land,
Give me lord, A Double portion from thee


Verse 2
As Elijah stool that day
To Elisha he did say,
“Ask me what I shall do unto thee”
And Elisha the replied,
Walking at Elisha’s side
“A double portion, let it fall on me.”


Verse 3
Lord I always to thee pray,
Just for strength from day to day
But I see there’s so much to be done
That I Have to kneel a new
And this favour ask of you
And double portion this fight must be won.


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