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God Can

God Can

Dorothy Norwood

God Can
(Written by Dorothy Norwood)
(Recorded by Dorothy Norwood)

Verse 1:
There are things that man can do
He can sail through the air in his plane
Though man can do a lot of things
Man is limited
Now tell me

Can you catch the wind
Can you make the world spin
Can you pull the sun down
Can you raise Man from the ground
Ooh No, but I know who can


Choir: God can
Lead: Yes He can
Choir: God
Lead: You better believe it
Choir: God can
Lead: I know, I know, I know

Verse 2:
There is a master for everything
for every kingdom there’s a king
though man can do just about anything
God is still the master
And He is always gonna be the King


Verse 3:
Listen, there was a Man
that came to this earth
over two thousand years ago
He was the closest thing,
the closest thing to God I know
Listen, this Man had power
I said, this Man had power
More power than any other man
Let me tell you what He can do

He can heal the sick with just the touch of His hand
This man could walk of the water
Take water and make wine
Take five loaves of bread and two fish
and feed thousands

Ooh, He had the power of God in his hand


Lead: God Can
Choir: God Can
(Choir Repeat God Can/ Lead-adlib)


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