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God Of All Power, And Truth, And Grace

God Of All Power, And Truth, And Grace

Charles Wesley

Verse 1
God of all power, and trust, and grace
Which shall from age to age endure, Whose word
When heaven and earth shall pass,
Remains and stands forever sure.


Verse 2
That I thy mercy may proclaim
That all mankind thy truth may see
Hallow thy great and glorious name
And perfect holiness in me

Verse 3
Purge me from every evil blot
My idols all be cast aside
Cleanse me from every sinful thought
From all the filth of sell and pride


Verse 4
Give me a new, a perfect heart
From doubt, and fear, and sorrow free
The mind which was in Christ impart
And let my spirit cleave to thee

Verse 5
O that I now, from sin released
Thy word may to the utmost probe
Enter into the promised rest
The canaan of thy perfect love!


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