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Good To Be Free

Good To Be Free


I’m walking to the beat of a different drum
I can see past these days
In to a better place – oh yeah
I’m singing to the tune of a different strum
My ways are higher ways
Since You’ve removed my chains
And given me a place
At the table of Your love, now


It’s good to be free
It’s good to be free from all the pain
It’s good to be free
It’s good to hear You say my new name
It’s good to be free
It’s good to know you’ve stood in the place of blame for me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It’s good to be free

Things of this world are overdone
Things like theology and philosophy – oh yeah
Through Jesus I know I’ve overcome
My insecurities and insincerity
Now that You’ve placed in me
A hope for things I cannot see, now


I spent so long
Living in a cell that I thought was home
I didn’t know it wasn’t meant for me
I let the Lord
Search my soul with a fine-tooth comb
He showed me everything that I could be
Now I see


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