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He’ll Be There

He’ll Be There

David And The Giants

I’ve has some cloudy days
It seemed I’d never seen the sunshine in my heart
Oh the winds they would blow
Testing my faith to pull me apart
But I called on your name
And you came as a friend
And I’ve got to remember
You’ll be there ’til the end


He’ll be there
Whenever you call
He’ll be there
If ever you fall
For everything that goes wrong
He will help you along
He’ll be there

I can really say
You’ve never ever failed me one time in my life
Through the good and the bad
You’ve been faithful to help me with the pain and the strife
But when I forgot
Who helped me to stand
Like a light in the night
You hold our hand

(Repeat Chorus)

The world is so cold
When you’re needing someone
To talk to and just to be close


When the hour is late
Everyone is asleep
You’ll find the one who loves you the most
He’s watching and waiting
He’ll be there



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