Best Gospel Lyrics





1. I was being offered on the slave block of sin, I saw no chance of freedom
ever again, Hell’s demons i could see were laughing in glee at the prospect
of an other soul they’d win, I shed bitter tears as i
thought of wasted years, I was so filled with shame and disgrace, There was
no place in turn my heart within me burned, as i regarded my helpless.


2. Then the devil made his bid with the things of this world, and the pleasures
that sin can afford, when out stepped a man who had scars in his hands, and i
knew that it must be the lord, He said “It matters not the cost for this one
who’s lost, And i saw He paid them with the gold of His precious blood
Then mercy stepped in where judgement should have been, And i was free indeed.

3. My lord demands as he saved us from sin that i should live my life
for his glory. He expects i should be a holy vessel to him and
show forth his glory on earth., I’ll live by his word obey
his command and fixed my eyes on things that are above, i’ll depend won him.
supply me every grace and take me thru to the very end.


He redeemed me! Thank God, He redeemed me! He bought my soul from off the
slave block of sin, I felt him break the chains of strife, And in him i find ne
life, For he redeemed me for his own!



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