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I’m Rich Lyrics

I’m Rich Lyrics

Artist: Ada

If you’re rich, if you’re rich
Say I… free nation
One by one, two by two…
Join the merry-go as we go
Ande bragado look am say
Brangado say go everywhere

come follow we then holla ee
(Jehovah don bless me)

I’m rich (you know me i’m loaded)
I’m rich (original money)
Say I’m blessed (too much money)

A mini central bank

Bring them all over
So much grace to run the race
Don’t be lazy
Come follow me go jubilate
Original money
That’s why i’m blessing some people
Let the party start.

Oh come follow we then holla ei Repeat Oh na You be the You Jehovah
Na You be the You
You dey make me the holla
Mini-central bank in charge

I’m rich, i’m loaded,
I’m rich, i’m loaded
Say i’m blessed (Don’t be lazy, come follow me and jubilate)

I’m rich, i’m loaded
I’m rich, i’m loaded
Say i’m blessed (Original money, that is why i’m blessing some people)

You know me i’m loaded
Original money
Too much money

Central bank of Zion



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