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I Understand

I Understand

Smokie Norful

Sometimes I feel like giving up
Seems like my best just ain’t good enough
Lord if you hear me, I’m calling you
Do you see, do you care at all
About what I’m going through


One more day, one more step
I’m preparing you for myself
When you can’t hear my voice
Please trust my plan
I’m the Lord, I see and yes I understand

Sometimes I feel like I’m all alone
Just like a stranger so far from home
I feel like I’ve done all that I can do
Please Lord give me strength
I’m just trying to make it through


He knows how much we can bear
In the time of trouble
He promised he’d always be there
I understand, I understand
I am the Lord, I see and yes I understand
I am the Lord and I changeth not
I won’t forget nor have I forgot
Everything works according to my plan
I am God, trust me
I got the whole world in my hands


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