National Anthem Lyrics

Albania National Anthem

Albania National Anthem

United around the flag,
With one desire and one goal,
Let us pledge our word of honor
To fight for our salvation

Only he who is a born traitor
Averts from the struggle.
He who is brave is not daunted,
But falls - a martyr to the cause.

With arms in hand we shall remain,
To guard our fatherland round about.
Our rights we will not bequeath,
Enemies have no place here.

For the Lord Himself has said,
That nations vanish from the earth,
But Albania shall live on,
Because for her, it is for her that we fight.

Flag History
Once part of the Byzantine Empire, Albania became a kingdom in 1912. From 1944 to 1991 it was a strict communist state. The traditional heraldic Albanian flag was first used in 1912 when independence was restored.

Geographic Coordinates:
41 00 N, 20 00 E
28,748 sq km
Life Expectancy:
78.13 years
Government Type:
$22.9 billion (2009 est.)
12.8% (2009 est.)
Albanian lek (ALL)
Calling Code:
Internet TLD:



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