National Anthem Lyrics

Myanmar National Anthem

Myanmar National Anthem
Till the End of the World, Burma (Kaba Ma Kyei)

Until the world ends up shattering, long lives Burma!
We love our land because this is our real inheritance.
We will sacrifice our lives to protect our country.
This is our nation, this is our land and it belongs to us.
Being our nation and our land, let us do good causes to our nation in unity!
And, this is our very duty to our invaluable land.

Flag History

Adopted in 1974, the Myanmar flag consists of a large red field symbolizing courage of the people.
The blue canton stands for peace while the new socialist-style emblem in white stands for purity.

Geographic Coordinates:
22 00 N, 98 00 E
676,578 sq km
Life Expectancy:
64.52 years
Government Type:
Military regime
Rangoon (Yangon)
$56.92 billion (2009 est.)
4.9% (2009 est.)
Kyat (mmK)
Calling Code:
Internet TLD:




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