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Into The Sun

Into The Sun



Tell me that you think I’m wrong
Tell me that you think I’ve
Been lying all along
And that you think I left you
Hanging on your own
Tell me that I lost my nerve
Tell me that I’m going to
Get what I deserve
And that I might as well be
Folding all the cards on the table
Vanity and egoism kept me in the fight
I became my own religion
Why can’t I fly
When you gave me all the tools I need

I’ve taken and I’ve given back
Been running in the race so long
I lost the track
And even when the ground
Gave way I crawled along
Tell me that I started well
And things were going good
As far as you could tell
But then show me
What I lost along the way
Honesty and heroism left me in the fight
My resentment helps me sleep at night
Tell me why
Can’t you see what it’s done to me


I don’t want this
I just want to go
Into the sun


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