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It’s Over

It’s Over

Radial Angel


She’s packed and she’s ready to go
Just one more word and she’s out that door
And she’s waiting on, this word
To come right out of her fathers mouth, he throws it out
She’s gone, she’s out there in this crazy world
She’s all alone, oh she’s all alone

But i, can’t wait to see your face
I’ll never look away
It’s not over, till it’s over
Well it’s over

Just one more night of this, she swears she’s just going
To quit
And she’s tired of, oh tired of this lonely world
But there’s one way out, that I know
I feel it now deep in my soul and I wish that I
Oh, wish that I could show her


No more bleeding from her fathers hands
She finally escaped him
Well she broke down on the sofa
Well it’s over


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