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Kiribati National Anthem

Kiribati National Anthem


Teirake Kaini Kiribati

(Stand, Kiribati)

Original I-Kiribati Words

Teirake kaini Kiribati,

Anene ma te kakatonga,

Tauraoi nakon te nwioko,

Ma ni buokia aomata,

Tauaninne n te raoiroi,

Tangiria aoma ta nako.

Tauani nne n te raoiroi,

Tangiria aomata.

Reken te kabaia ma te rau

Ibuakoia kaaiin abara

Bon reken te nano ae banin

Ma te i-tangitangiri naba.

Ma ni wakina te kab’aia,

Ma n neboa i eta abara.

Ma ni wakina te kab’aia,

Ma n neboa abara.

Ti butiko ngkoe Atuara

Kawakinira ao kairira

Nakon taai aika i maira.

Buokira ni baim ae akoi.

Kakabaia ara Tautaeka

Ma ake a makuri iai.

Kaka baia ara Tautaeka

Ma aomata ni bane.



Stand up, Kiribati!

Sing with jubilation!

Prepare to accept responsibility

And to help each other!

Be steadfastly righteous!

Love all our people!

(repeat previous two lines)

The attainment of contentment

And peace by our people

Will be achieved when all

Our hearts beat as one,

Love one another!

Promote happiness and unity!

(repeat previous two lines)

We beseech You, O God,

To protect and lead us

In the days to come.

Help us with Your loving hand.

Bless our Government

And all our people!

(repeat previous two lines)

Flag History

Adopted July, 12, 1979, this Kiribati flag is one of only three national flags
which have a design corresponding exactly to that of the shield in the coat of arms.
The red shield depicts a gold frigate bird flying above a rising golden sun. The blue
and white wavy bans represent the Pacific Ocean, while the frigate symbolizes command
of the sea.

Geographic Coordinates:
1 25 N, 173 00 E
811 sq km
Life Expectancy:
64.03 years
Government Type:
$596.5 million (2009 est.)
2% (1992 est.)
Kiribati dollar
Calling Code:
Internet TLD:


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