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Labor Day Songs

May the blessings of the Almighty, our God, rest upon us, and may our labor be prosperous–indeed, may our endeavors thrive!


Through worship, we have the opportunity to communicate with God regarding our work, to entreat that our everyday toil finds favor in God’s sight, and to heed the ongoing summons from God to lead lives that exemplify the purpose we’ve been called to.


The subsequent contents encompass songs, hymns, prayers, readings, and further expressions that eloquently convey the embodiment of our faith as we carry out what we identify as our work or vocation.

  1.   Establish The Work Of Our Hands By The Porter’s Gate / Urban Doxology / Aaron Keye
  2. Little Things With Great Love
  3.  Have Mercy On Me Lyrics
  4. Wood And Nails Lyrics


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