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Let It Go

Let It Go


I, I wanna know
Exactly how it feels
To just let go
But I, I’m holding fear
And all the baggage of myself
Appears to be in the way

ut up a fight
Lost somewhere between
The black and white

You, You’ve made a way
To overcome the weight
Of my decay
And thinkin’ about
The days gone by
I’ve been all alone
And I don’t know why
It’s taken me all the long
To feel so high-

Let it go
Let it go, gonna make it through
I know You’re with me tonight
No longer caught between
The black and white

And it’s never been more clear
You’re not far away, You’re near
And I know that I can make it through-


I know You’re with me tonight
Nobody lives their days
Without a fight
And I cannot face it alone
Struggle comes but
One day I’ll be home


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