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Lift the Praise Up

Lift the Praise Up

Dottie Peoples


Chorus: Everything I been through I lift the praise up to you. All of the tears I had to cry, all of the questions I asked you why I lift the praise up. I lift the praise up to you.

Leader: I’ve had some good days and some struggles along the way. There were nights I stayed up walking the floor all night long. oooh. It seems no matter what you do for others you always get knocked down. Choir: Got to get on up now. Leader:I’m getting back up because greater is he that lives in me.


Leader: Lord sometimes we don’t understand what you have in your master plan still I have to trust that Lord you know what’s best for me. oooh.
You said you wouldn’t put more on me than I am able to bear so I’m gonna thank you Lord and wave my hand up in the air.

Chorus* 2 times


Bridge: Every Trial, Every Tear, Every heartache through the years I lift the praise up when I’m weak you make me strong and give me courage to make it so I can go on.


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