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Love Lives On Lyrics

Love Lives On 

I could not heal you
nor take away your pain.
I could not comfort you
and take away your fear.
Only God can do these things.

Today I stand here and know
that there are things I can do—
Things I could not
if it wasn’t for you.

I can see your love
in the lives of my children,
and in the kind hearts of grandchildren
you will never know.

I will feel your love
in every sliced apple.
Taste your love
in every egg noodle.
Hear your love
in every late night radio station.

Your life and your love
made my life possible.
Thank you
for such a magnificent blessing.

I know the death
of Alice Kitner Shook
is not the death
of Grammy.

For after each of us
is dead and gone,
All our love
Lives on.


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