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Malawi National Anthem

Malawi National Anthem
God Bless Malawi (Mulungu dalitsa Malawi)

O God bless our land of Malawi,
Keep it a land of peace.
Put down each and every enemy,
Hunger, disease, envy.
Join together all our hearts as one,
That we be free from fear.
Bless our leader, each and every one,
And Mother Malawi.

Our own Malawi, this land so fair,
Fertile and brave and free.
With its lakes, refreshing mountain air,
How greatly blest are we.
Hills and valleys, soil so rich and rare
Give us a bounty free.
Wood and forest, plains so broad and fair,
All – beauteous Malawi.

Freedom ever, let us all unite
To build up Malawi.
With our love, our zeal and loyalty,
Bringing our best to her.
In time of war, or in time of peace,
One purpose and one goal.
Men and women serving selflessly
In building Malawi.

Flag History

The colors of the flag are the same as those of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which
led the country to independence in 1964. Green represents the land while black is
symbolic of Malawi’s African heritage. Red represents the blood shed for freedom
and the rising sun signifies a new dawn.

Geographic Coordinates:
13 30 S, 34 00 E
118,484 sq km
Life Expectancy:
50.92 years
Government Type:
Multiparty democracy
$12.81 billion (2009 est.)
Kwacha (MWK)
Calling Code:
Internet TLD:


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