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Miracle Worker

Miracle Worker

Rance Allen

Hey I wanna tell you about a miracle
Performed by Jesus own a powerful hand
He went to a wedding one night
They said the party was out of sight
Somebody said I had something to drink
Jesus said wait a minute let me think
Go get me a pitcher fill it with some water
I’ll wave my hand across it and we’ll have wine to drink
That’s when he blew their minds
Time after time
Started off when he turned that water into wine


He is miracle worker( 3Times)

There was a blind man blind couldn’t see
He said I ain’t bumpin them they bumpin into me
He said I tried all the doctors in town but they all let me down
Lord I’m gonna trust in you gonna see what you can do
Jesus spit down on the ground made a little ball of flame
Said I anoint you in the name of my father he’ll make this blindness go away
He said hey blind man tell what do you see
He said I see men oh yes I do
They look just like tress
Jesus said go wash your eyes in the pool of siloam
And I guarantee you see men lookin just like me
That’s when he blew their minds
Time after time started off when he turned water into wine

He is miracle worker (2 Times)

There’s nothing too hard for Him to do
Don’t care what your problem he’ll see through

He is a miracle worker (2 Times)


Looked in the mirror what did I see
Another one of God’s miracles lookin back at me

He’s is a miracle worker (repeat)


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