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Mountains Of Israel lyrics

Mountains Of Israel 

By Paul Wilbur

From the beginning to the end it’s been*
This way Your promises they never change
Your people will never be put to shame
From the desert to the endless sea
Shores of Egypt to the eastern hills
The earth and the sky tremble at Your will

Wake up and call on the name of the Lord
Weak be made strong you have now been restored
Oh the darkness is light
Oh Your kingdom is now in sight

Lord God of Israel arise
Consume us now with Your fire
Every people and tribe
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Mountains of Israel come alive
It’s time to bring forth new wine
From now to the end of time

Spirit pouring out from all around
Living waters now they’re raining down
The day of the Lord is at hand

Can you hear the voice in the desert calling out
Prepare the way
The way for the Lord make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God
Come like a mighty lion roar with Your glory and Your fire
Come now with Your power
Bo Yeshua Mishecheynu Your people wanna see You
Oh the darkness is light
Oh Your kingdom is now in sight it’s now in sight yeah


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