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No One Deserves

No One Deserves

Battle, Freda


Jesus, Oh how sweet the name Jesus.
My soul just bursts with praise, Jesus
How I love you.
No other name compares to yours for you are Jesus.
Behold Jesus, lover of my soul, Jesus, oh my Jesus.
It’s a privilege to be in your presence Lord.

Holy, that’s what the angels cry, holy.
All through the day and night. Holy!
You are holy. You are worthy of continuous praises. Belss you!
I open my mouth and bless you. Kiss you with worship. Bless You!
Let the praises ring. To our Sovereign God, our Lord, Etermal King.


No one is higher, no one is greater.
No one deserves the highest praise, but you.
No one is stronger, no one is mightier,
No one deserves the highest praise but you.


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